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. Welcome to Artoki ! The home of fantasy and anime artist Rachel S. Young. Feel free to browse through my Gallery to see my originals and my fanarts: paintings, sketches and more frequently CG's of anything from Dragons to Elves, Final Fantasy to Ragnarok Online, and Escaflowne to Card Captor Sakura. (*Cough* is it just me or does my intro make me sound like a circus intro, lol, I soooo need to redo this XD!).

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24th December 2005
Happy Christmas Everyone!
It's Christmas Eve, and here I am updating my website^^; I still have to wrap all my presents, although I haven't bought many this year - my boyfriend never takes me shopping =P
I've uploaded another pile of drawings, and I've neaaarly caught up to date! Recent additions to the originals gallery include a B&W character sheet of my thief character, Fleet, and a colour character sheet of Fleet, and also a partial photo-manipulation of a dragon woman; But that's not all, I've also uploaded three Advent Children chibi fanarts to the fanart gallery; The first, Advent Chibis, features Cloud, Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo, the second is a mock poster/flyer for an AC flash animation I'm making, and the third is a seasonal pic of Vincent and Red XIII sleeping^^ I've got one simple B&W fanart of Sanji and Ussop from One Piece too.

More to come after Christmas, including new original art, some shounen ai One Piece art, and even some Metal Gear 3 fanart. Damn, I love Metal Gear Solid 3! It's a really great game!
I've finished inking another page of my One Piece Doujinshi too. Woot, looks like I'll finish it well in time for the convention season ^__^ I must remember to update the links some time soon too^^;;

15th December 2005
Seasons Greetings everyone ^_^
Christmas is coming, and I still haven't uploaded artwork from this time last year X_x I'm terrible at updating. But as you can see, I'm making some progress at last, and starting to get better at managing my time^^ 7 new old pictures uploaded into the Originals Gallery, Of Songcraft and Sorcery, Nelson Piquet Jr, Alexandre Premat, Let it Snow for Holly, Faith : Vaucia, Ako Character Sheet, and Vaucia Character Sheet.

In other news, I'm working on two comics right now. The first is a One Piece doujinshi! Please look forward to it ^_^ I've currently sketched up 20 pages and inked the first 4. The second is an original comic about a thief called Fleet. I've inked the first three pages only T_T